Wednesday 1 April 2015

Create SQL Azure Database(PaaS)

Today we can see the step by step procedure to create SQL Azure database(PaaS),As mentioned in the previous couple of articles any Microsoft Cloud based service you need a Azure Subscription (; Select SQL database section in the pricing page ( and choose the appropriate Tier based on your requirement. Let’s I assume you have purchased the required subscription which should grant you access to you own customized Azure Portal page when you login to as below,

In the portal page Select SQL Databases, and click "CREATE NEW DATABASE"

Now Specify the Database name, Select the right Tier Level and Collation. If this is the first database you are creating leave the Server as "New SQL Database Server"

Choose the Login name and password to access the database, This login will act as your SA Login.

Verify the successful creation of new SQL Azure database,

You can view the Server name details in the servers tab as below, As mentioned earlier this is just a virtual name you will not be able to access the physical server in this type of service offering.

You can click on the server and view the dashboard and properties of the virtual Server.

Now Select Configure on the Server Page and Provide the IP List or IP Range of the clients which will be connecting this database. Any other IP will be blocked from accessing this database.

Now Try connecting the server,

And There you Go!!!

As in all Windows Cloud Services, you can view various performance metrics on the dashboard.

In the next Article we can discuss on differences between the Native SQL Database and SQL Azure..